InSalvation is a band with a heart for worship and justice, whose desire is to worship God in unity, to celebrate His presence and to go back into the world as a changed person. The band was created in 2006 by a group of young musicians with a heart for Jesus and music. In the years that followed the band played in many known locations and events such as the Opwekking festival, the Xnoizz Flevo Festival and the youth weekends of the EO. InSalvation is also internationally oriented and the band has played in the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Germany, the Tcech republic and Italy. It does not matter which culture you are from; the band believes that there is a worldwide passion evolving through which we can experience the freedom of Jesus together.

In 2011 the band released her first album, “Passionate Worship”. In 2013 there was a second album, “God Is”. InSalvation worked with Paul Baloche on this album, who joined in singing “A Mighty Fortress”. At the start of 2016 the band led the worship at the 4M event that was attended by 5000 men. During Pentecost the band played for 45,000 people at the Sing-In at the Opwekking Festival. Right now InSalvation is working on her third album, which be released in June 2017. InSalvation has established close partnership relations with a number of large organisations. InSalvation is an ambassador for the child sponsor organisation Compassion, they are connected to the Muskathlon of the 4e Musketeer and InSalvation also plays during the Prayer & Fasting conferences by Herman Boon.

InSalvation is more than just a band. Since January of 2015 InSalvation has become an foundation with three main focal points; Worship, Justice and Equipping. InSalvation has a dream and a vision to see a movement take place in Europe, a movement of people who are dedicated to following Jesus and will rise up and lead a life of worship and justice. By choosing to make InSalvation a foundation, we have been able to involve external expertise in order to achieve the mission. InSalvation has a board that is actively involved in the organisation. The board members are Jolanda Oosterom, Jan Willem Vink and Rien Schakel.

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